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Who is the Psychic Seoul?

Michael Kim is a NYC based psychic medium who was born in South Korea (Hence, the nickname “Psychic Seoul”) and raised on Long Island, NY. He comes from a family of psychic mediums. Michael graduated from the psychic development program at HSI (Holistic Studies Institute), successfully completed HSI’s advanced trance mediumship course taught by Marion Hedger, studied privately with a former teacher of the Berkley Psychic Institute and attended multiple workshops at the Edgar Cayce center to improve his mediumship. He has also participated in séances at HSI and is currently working towards Séance conductor certification. Michael believes that he was given this ability to see, to help guide others and heal.





Real Housewives of NYC

Spring 2021

Michael will appear on the hit reality tv show in the spring when the cast members travel to Salem for a seance.




I currently give psychic readings over the phone. In-person readings may be available depending on the time/day. I am also available for corporate events, fairs, birthday parties, etc. 


Reading $190/hour and $100/30 minutes


Photography by: Thomas Freuter, appeared in The New Yorker



I will travel to your home or office and smudge the entire property, getting rid of unwanted negative energy. I would need to consult with you over the phone or via email before we schedule the appointment.

Photography by: Thomas Freuter



Daniel Sai Poughkeepsie, NY

" When I first came in for my reading with Michael, I severely underestimated him. I had met him only in passing the day before and I couldn't gage from how "approachable" and "normal" he appeared that Michael was indeed a gifted, bonafide psychic medium. Michael was like a laser in honing in on my life and in particular addressing some unique hobbies of mine that I simply do not share with others. As the reading went forward, he continued to touch upon the most relevant and pressing parts of my life that I needed advice on. The details that Michael shared with me were incredible, but perhaps more importantly, Michael made me feel very comfortable and at ease during the reading. I intuitively trusted him and Michael's kind and caring demeanor really makes a difference in a world of mediums who are stoic or simply not 'people persons'. I am very satisfied with my reading, and I will definitely see him again.

Rene Verbus - Grantsville, WV

"I am truly blown away. All the things you saw are very important, formative moments from my life. I mean my heart feels fluttery  because you connected to my energy so well!"

Lynette S -  Seattle, WA 

Michael performed an hour + reading and mediumship session for me via phone. He was incredibly accurate, not only in his assessment of my character and my current struggles, but also identifying my loved ones spirits. Thank you, Michael, for giving me the peace I needed to move forward, for the spirit and universal massages, and especially for sharing your gift with the rest of us. I appreciate you.

Ashley Morgan - Raleigh, NC

"I had the honor of having a reading done by him tonight. He is very talented, and I found myself impressed by his kindness and skills. 

We saw many areas of my life: past, current, and future. I cannot think of one area he saw that wasn't true. This means he is a very accurate reader. He explained what he saw clearly and in a descriptive manner that made it easier for me to understand. He could see myself in previous lives even. 

My favorite part of my reading was when we spoke about my Grandfather. I never felt rushed or confused. He took his time answering my questions and gave me the closure on the tragedy I faced through his death. 

Thanks Michael so much!!

Joanne Marshall O’Gara -  Philadelphia, PA

“Michael gave me the most beautiful reading this past Sunday. I asked him specific questions and his insights were spot on, very empathetic and at the same time,were a comfort to me. He gave me a really special message from my brother Sean who died tragically 9 yrs ago, and he knew about a special ornament, things only we would know..while it made me miss my brother more,it also made me feel so happy to know he is with me. Michael is very intuitive, concise, and just very caring in giving his readings, for him it's about giving the message,the answers you are looking for. I would highly recommend getting a reading from Michael, he is terrific, you won't be disappointed.”


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  1. Please email me to schedule a reading at psychicseoul@gmail.com

  2. All readings must be paid for in advance via Venmo or PayPal. 

  3. No refunds are given unless you give me 24 hour notice. 

  4. I will call you at the scheduled time. If you do not answer the phone, I will try again for 15 minutes. If you still do not answer the reading will be canceled. 

  5. Please be in a quiet space during the phone reading. It is very difficult to read clients if they’re in a loud area, watching tv, listening to music, etc. 

  6. Finally, please come with an open mind. :-) 

    DISCLAIMER: Due to NYC and NY State laws, I must state that this is for entertainment purposes only and that I cannot replace any doctor/surgeon.


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